About FetView

About FetView

FetView application is primarily an aid to ob/gyn’s but it is also very useful for mothers-to-be. Do you want to know how?

Online access to your reports

Once your physician sets your personal account you have a non-stop online access to your medical reports, images and videos. You can always have your documentation with you on your phone, laptop, or tablet and you can read it wherever and whenever you need. E.g. when you unexpectedly need to see a physician during your vacation abroad.

Images and videos in your phone

Thanks to FetView you can access your ultrasound images and videos and send them easily by e-mail or share them on social networks. Right when you walk out your ob/gyn’s door you can take the phone and log into your myFetView account – and enjoy the pictures of your baby straight away. Unless you have no reception…

Reports you understand

FetView generates medical reports comprehensible not just for physicians, but also for you. You always get a clear report with charts and images, which help you follow your baby’s progress.

Slightly different album

All images from myFetView can be handled as normal pictures. You can print them on photo paper and make the very first album of your baby. So, do you still hesitating?


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